Saturday, April 12, 2008

Who has it worst?

I just saw a news clip about some people protesting Scientology (yeah, I capitalized that... not too sure why I did though- on another note, the news clip made me giggle, because... hehehe, Scientology!) and with the whole polygamist colony raid in Texas recently fresh in mind, it has caused me to think, who do people/the world think are crazier? True, godly, Bible-believing Christians or people involved in cults?

I'm just rambling off the top of my head, but I think cults gets more attention in the media, just because they're so fascinating (for lack of a better word) whereas the name "Christian" tends to get used as a general term to describe a bunch of different people, often with true, godly, Bible-believing Christians getting mixed together with other groups such as Catholics and even those nut-job fundamentalist "Christians." And when that happens, that just causes confusion and incorrect assumptions to be made, which sometimes causes incorrect assumptions to be made about Jesus.

In the end, it doesn't really matter (why, hello there Linkin Park) too much what the world thinks of Christians, because of what this verse says. I was just wondering out loud that's all.
And I also thought it'd be good to get in a post on the Terriblelands. It's getting kind of quiet around here.... and that's all my lazy buttocks' fault.

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Anonymous said...

It's better to suffer for doing good than to suffer for doing wrong.

(I stole that from 1 or 2 Peter, I think)

In our case, it's better to suffer for being true to the will of God than to suffer for being a judgmental arrogant/self-righteous man.

Or in the Scientologist's case, a deceived person who follows a cult that resembles an RPG (as in, "leveling-up") in its approach to advancement. That also talks about phatans inside you, or something like (I'm not putting too much effort to be sensitive to Scientologists who might be reading, so if you're one, please know that I'm just making simplistic statements right now).

Or in the FLDS/polygamist's case, for being adulterers (by definition of polygamy) and child abusers (can't say that everyone in there was forcing 15 year olds to marry them, or beating their kids/wives, but it did happen) or mistreaters of women.

Ok, I'm done.

Anonymous said...

umm ya unfortunately in the minds of most Canadians, Bible-believing Christians are probably lumped together with cults even though they are soooo different (obviously). it doesn't matter necessarily what people think of Christians (they probably think we're crazy), but i think it may matter to an extent if it affects how they view the God we worship.