Saturday, April 05, 2008

I cut my lip

I just cut my lip. I was licking an envelope to seal it and my hand slipped and the edge of the envelope cut my upper lip. As a result, I have a strong urge to kill someone. Technically, it's all my fault, but I feel like someone should feel my wrath. Like the makers of the envelope.

Ouch, it's starting to really sting.


Anonymous said...

"As a result, I have a strong urge to kill someone."

Don't resist that urge, Tim. Nurture it; feed it.

By the way, Johnson just laughed when I read out your post to him. He obviously doesn't feel your pain (like I do).

You should kill him.

Tim said...

the first thing i thought when i read your comment was, "wow, how'd he italicize 'him'?"

then i realized, o yeah, tags.
...silly tim
back to the real comment:
i like the way you think.
[semi-evil laughter]

Johnson said...

envelopes taste funny