Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I Missed Crossing

Ugh, it's been a hectic (最忙的 <-- probably doesn't make sense...) 1.5 weeks. Or maybe its been 2 weeks. I've been having problems losing track of time ever since my stupid watch strap broke again, (...in August... or was it July?). Sigh. But for now, I should get a little bit of rest time before the next work load hits. Mini-hurray.

Unfortunately, during my busy-ness, I missed the screening of Crossing (<-- Korean only trailer) at the Vancouver International Film Festival this past Sunday. I've never been to VIFF before, but I was browsing through what films they were screening this year, and I'd heard about Crossing (through one of LiNK's blogs) a few months ago. It looks great, because it looks like an authentic glimpse of what the real North Korea is like. It also looks really sad, but that is a part of life.

My heart also hurts for the North Koreans. When you have time, learn about North Korea. The Liberty in North Korea website is a good start.


Johnson said...

That looks like an intense film! I want to watch it too now

Anonymous said...

Hey Tim. I just got your letter today. Thanks!

By the way, Waterloo is great so far. I've been doing a lot of sharing (a lot more than I'm accustomed to), but people seem pretty open here!

Anyways, gotta go. Ttyl.

Anonymous said...

i dare you to get a pocket watch when you buy your next watch. i just think it would be cool if someone had one and you're in need of a new watch, so it all makes sense.

also, Crossing sounds cool. maybe it'll come out on DVD eventually??

Tim said...

when i was in highschool (and when my watch broke then), i considered getting a pocket watch, but i think its out of the question now cause its not really practical...

they way i'm using my cell phone to tell time, is more or less like the same way a person with a pocket watch tells time (eg. looking aroudn confused, fishing around pants pocket, pulling out cell phone, looking at time, putting phone back into pocket, calm expression appears)

as for Crossing....i think it might be awhile before it comes out on DVD... maybe sumemr 2009? *shrugs*