Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Pointless Post #10

Three things to take note today:

While in a restaurant, saying "I don't have enough cash for a tip," just as the waitress comes by to clear the table is not cool (don't worry, plastic saved the day, or in this case, the dinner).

Running after the bus/skytrain and realizing I forgot to wear a belt this morning is not cool as my pants start to slide below my waist (don't worry, my quick hands saved the day, as I hiked them back up Urkle style).

Descending and miscounting stairs without turning on any lights is not cool (don't worry, gravity saved the day...).

What are Pointless Posts?


Anonymous said...

Thanks for being there at my farewell dinner, thus making this post possible :P

Johnson said...

Do you have carpet stairs or wooden stairs?

Tim said...

paulman - i challenge you to a dual! wait wrong quote...
i meant, i bid you adieu good sir.

johnson - carpet.