Saturday, September 13, 2008

Pointless Post #8

Last week while walking through Convocation Mall, a guy stopped me to ask (paraphrased), "Hey, do you know what time it is?"

To which I responded, "Tool Time!"

Either he didn't hear me or he didn't get the joke.

[blank faces]

"It's 11:37am."


What are Pointless Posts?


Anonymous said...

You can't just mumble it, Tim - you've got to deliver it with commitment and energy!

Next time, I guess... next time.

Anonymous said...

if he was a first year, maybe it's actually possible that he never watched Home Improvement. maybe that was like before his time.

Tim said...

hows that?

i just had a scary thought...
there are first years entering university right now who were born in..... [cue scary music] the 90s!!!!

Anonymous said...

bah ahahahahahah! awkward Tim...awkward