Saturday, October 18, 2008

Eczema is fun

Fun facts about the eczema on Tim's hands as of now:

(for simplicity, in this post, thumbs = fingers)

  • 7/10 fingers are affected with eczema (on 6 of them, eczema covers the entire finger)
  • 3/5 fingers on one hand do not have proper fingerprints (just a smooth, callously feel to it)
  • 5/10 fingers have very painful cuts on them (they burn), and they bleed if I bend my fingers too far
  • 1 hand can not make a full fist. Well, technically, I could if I wanted to, but then it would just cause the existing cuts on my fingers to widen, deepen, and bleed messily
  • on the same hand, I can feel my skin tighten when I try to make a fist because of fat finger folds caused by my past use of cortisone (steroid cream) which I theorize has caused my finger mass to increase (my eczema affected fingers are semi-pudgy looking)
  • sometimes I wake up with skin missing from my hands/fingers because I scratch them in my sleep. I painfully pay for my unconscious behavior when I'm awake (it stings... a lot).
  • the eczema on my hands has never been this worse before
Prior to going to SFU, I'd never met anyone with eczema before. Now, I've met a lot of people who have eczema. It kind of makes me feel better that I'm not the only one who suffers like this. Actually, this isn't really suffering. That is poor misuse of the word. Dede the "tree man" is real suffering (google him at your own risk; it may be too disturbing for some people).

Imma shut up now...

PS- if there's an interest, someday I'll post picture of my eczema hands, they're fascinating! And I endure for God, my only hope!


Johnson said...

That tree man guy seems to be getting effective treatment from doctors (just looked it up), which is good to know

Have you tried this medicine called Hua Tuo Gao? It might alleviate the symptoms on your hands. I'll send u a link through email

Anonymous said...

does cortisone cream REALLY cause skin growth?

Tim said...

'tis my theory, yes.

..or it could be that my fingers are just full of muscles [that i didn't have before the cream].

Anonymous said...

Steroid (cortisone) use is tricky. If you keep using it, your body builds a resistance to it, right?

Anyhoo... have you ever thought of wearing protective gloves to sleep?

Anonymous said...

Oh, and by the way, gas is like $0.98 / litre here right now. SCORE!

Tim said...

*shrug* in reply to the cortisone building resistance... i'm not 100% sure how it works...although i probably should.

about wearing protective gloves, i have, but it just feels weird...almost uncomfortable because i'm not used to wearing gloves on my hands while trying to sleep. almost unnatrual

about the cheap gas in ontario - boo-urns, that's why the west doesn't like the east 8^p

Anonymous said...

I have eczema....but only on my right elbow...and in where my elbow bends. the pit part...haha. and it only gets really noticeable during the summer when it tans a darker shade than the rest of my skin. and for some reason it hasn't spread or anything...just kinda stagnated/shrunk. I really can't tell