Sunday, October 19, 2008

Pointless Post #12

I ate dinner tonight (thanks Jesus!). I ate fried rice, then soup, followed by some pumpkin pie, and then milk... all from a pie plate! Boo-ya! I only had to wash my spoon and pie plate after!

And ladies and gentleman, that concludes today's lesson on "efficiency."

What are Pointless Posts?


Anonymous said...

I think Johnson will confirm that I've been doing something similar for... a long time :P

Yay for less dish washing!

Tim said...

*high five*

Anonymous said...

you guys are such guys. :P

Tim said...

i have eczema on my hands (see previous post)
i can't be doing dishes all the time; it'll be bad for my skin


(ps - efficiency, jill, efficiency...

Johnson said...

mmmm pie

ya i was gonna say something similar to what paulman said