Friday, October 31, 2008

Pointless Post #13

Every time the dog does his bathroom duties outside the house (eg. pooing and peeing), he is rewarded with a little treat when he comes back into the house (haha, I typed pooing and peeing and you read it, twice!).

After taking Lance out and giving him a treat, I mused outloud to my Mom, "I wish someone would gives me a cookie whenever I'm finished using the toilet..."

I would definitely use the bathroom more if I got a little treat whenever I was done. Dare I say it, I would even look forward to using the bathroom more!

Also, saw gas yesterday for 105.9 and 110.9¢/litre. Roughly a month and a half ago, gas was in the 130s range here, 140 in Calgary, and 148 in Quebec City. Hurray for "recessions?"

What are Pointless Posts?


Johnson said...

Ahaha, funny pointless post

so if Lance doesn't do his duties outside, what do you do?

Tim said...

i know, i still think its funny....
in my head, i see a little jar on a little table, and me stepping out of the bathroom, helping myself to a treat and saying "good job tim"


and when he doesn't do his duties outside... i usually end up cleaning a mess on the inside. it is somewhat disgusting but i've sort of gotten used to it. Jerry Seinfeld would consider it degrading though.

Anonymous said...

How in the world did Johnson get to this blog post before I did? Oh, you posted it at midnight?

Anyways... still...

I think you should just reward yourself with a cookie after you go to the bathroom. You have it within your power.

Also, gas is that cheap over there, eh? It's really cheap here, too!

Tim said...

maybe a little mini kitkat...mmmm

Anonymous said...

did you change your layout? it looks different.

and you really didn't have to type pooing and peeing -- i think bathroom duties was clear enough. but just so you know, that was very modernist of you. modernists thought no subject was unworthy of being put into literature.

lastly, i've heard it's bad to not go to the bathroom when you have to -- it like messes up your bladder and stuff. why am I even entering this conversation? this is another guy conversation. :P

Tim said...

layout is same. no change there.
and yes, i am a modernist, thanks for noticing! i'm so modern i live in the 21st century! (rimshot)

and jill, you are drawn to the conversation, not because it is a guy conversation, but because it is a pointless conversation. it is the meaningless humour that draws you (and all the other people who don't comment- that's right, i see you all!)

Unknown said...

Dont forget to get CS working. Any other games?

Im quite looking forward to reliving those nostalgic memories of senseless, virtual killing in simulated, pixel-ated, frame-rated worlds.

My break starts during or after the first week of december I THINK.


Anonymous said...

Tim............we'll find you help, seriously.

haha. Juuust kidding, I look forward to these posts just because its refreshing to read blogs that are serious all the time (like mine)