Sunday, June 21, 2009

Chinese high-heel wearing terrorist...?

I'm in Hong Kong International Airport waiting for a connecting flight to Penang (the actual time where I'm located is June 22, 12:32am). My sister and I are visiting our grandfather and other family members in Malaysia for 2 weeks. It was an unexpected trip due to his health (we decided on coming on this trip literally 1 week ago and everything worked out despite me having an expired passport (had to pay extra for faster processing) by the grace of God).

Anyways, we have a +7 hour layover here and so we're at a laptop station trying to check email and stuff. For some reason, the outlets don't work so we're just sitting here banging away on our computers on battery power. A young lady just walked up to us, stuck a charger connected to her cellphone into the outlet and walked away. I don't know where she went. I'm hoping it's not a bomb.

EDIT: The phone vibrated across the counter, startling us... There's now 1 missed call...

EDIT EDIT: She came to pick up her phone 10 minutes later. I didn't have the heart to tell her that I don't think her battery charged. Oh well. I'm alive and in one piece.


Johnson said...

So are you in Malaysia now? How is the weather there?

I passed my thesis defence today. God totally pulled me through the presentation :)

Hope all is well over there!

RE: EDIT: Wouldn't you have to know how to speak Cantonese then, to talk to the lady??

Tim said...

\o/ thanks to God and hurray for passing!

its very hot.

no, a lot of people know english, and if i remember correctly, she said excuse me when she initially plugged in her phone