Friday, June 19, 2009

The light... it BURNS!

Know what's cool? The SFSS Health and Dental Plan that was introduced earlier this year. I almost opted out of it, because, pffft, come on... I'm Tim. I'm invincible. And I could have used the extra money for more important things, like crunchy Cheetos. But I didn't, and I'm glad because now I can wander around the house looking like an idiot for the next three hours:

Huzza? Whooza? What was that?!

I got my eyes checked today (woohoo covered!) and the optometrist put these drops in my eyes that dilated my pupils, so everything close to me is fairly blurry to me now and I'm super sensitive to light. I had to squint my way home. And I don't have sunglasses, so thank you Cineplex for these wonderful 3D glasses (ps. Up is good, but not worth the money to see in 3D)! They get the job done.

For the two of you that read this, yes, this could have been classified as a Pointless Post, but because of the length and the bonus visual, I thought I'd give it its own post. Trying to change things up a bit. Wouldn't want you to get bored. I'd lose readers and then my sponsors would kill me! That floppy disk guy is a task master!
Saw gas for 113¢/litre. Caramba!.


Jill said...

were the eye drops yellow? in any case, that's weird that the effect would last that long.

also, we prayed for you and your family today in the bible study at school. hope everything is ok!

Tim said...

the first drops had some yellow dye and then the doctor touched my eyes with some soothing blue light poking thing, to check for somehting (i think he said the yellow dye makes something glow under the special light)

then the second drops dilated my pupils and then he checked my eyes with a different special light thing for something (glaucoma? or the krippin virus?)

oh yeah, something neat to find out... my prescription is lower! my eyes are getting better apparently! who knew?!