Thursday, June 11, 2009

Scotiabank FAIL

What's a fun thing to do in the middle of a worldwide recession? Sign up for a new credit card that's what! What? You thought I was going to say be prudent and cut back on spending? No, that's too easy. And to be fair, today doesn't feel like a real recession anyways (scroll down to "A Real Recession" for some good reasoning).

Anyways, to be fair, I didn't really want a new credit card, and I wasn't looking for one, but SCENE Visa promised me 2 free movie tickets if I signed up for one, so who am I to say no to that? Free! I filled out the application in late April...

Received my new card in May...

Finally got around to activating my credit card yesterday. And then what happens when I check the mail an hour later? I've received my first bill from Scotiabank about my new SCENE Visa card!

IT'S FIVE PAGES (ahem...technically, 3 sheets of paper)!

It states that I have a payment due on June 25, 2009 for a total minimum payment of $0.00.... here, you read it:
NOTE: yes, I blurred some stuff out    8^p
Completely unnecessary junk mail. Literally and physically. Good job automated corporate computer systems. I think the thing that confuses me most is that I hadn't even activated or used my card yet and a bill was already sent... strange.


Johnson said...

You should send them an empty envelope.

Or write a cheque for $0, just to be funny. Haha!

But then you'll have to pay for postage..

Jill said...

I need one of those. A credit card, that is.