Thursday, March 04, 2010

Back to "normal" life (post-Olympics)

I'm almost sick of the word "olympics." The keyword there is "almost" because I consider the fact that I got paid to do very close to nothing (which makes me feel good and bad at the same time) because of the Olympics. On the bright side, because "working" at the Olympics was so uneventful, I was able to learn how to solve a 3x3 Rubik's cube (done during "work")! I've only memorized the algorithms though, so it's not like I can analyze a cube and figure it out in a few steps. I have to do it step by step, according to Leyan Lo's beginner's guide. Basically, if I mess up one turn on the last step and something is out of place, I usually can't fix it, and I'll have to start again. So far my best time is 1:47 though. Thank you Leyan, for making it possible for slow people like me, to be able to appear to be smart.

I'm personally quite happy that the Olympics are over. No more crowded public transit. No more drunk people butchering the Canadian anthem as they scream it at the top of their lungs. No more woo-ing (eg. people screaming WOOOO!) in the streets for no apparent reason (with subsequent "echos" by other people down the street). No more lineups for silly things such as disappointing pavilions (I'm looking at you, Canada House, even though I didn't even bother to visit you!). No more of a lot of things. It was very nice for a time, but that good thing needed a good ending, which it did. Nothing and no one was blown up. God was merciful to Vancouver.

Also no more VANOC cookies (at least for now). I'm glad someone else wrote a post about them before I did. There's a picture in that link, and that's what they looked like. I averaged about 6 per day, with a grand total of 108 cookies. They're pretty good. The only disturbing part is that the cookies are all individually packaged, and they didn't have an expiry date on them. With all the additives/ingredients listed on the wrapper, I was slightly wary... but hey free cookies! Everything is A-OK!

I registered a domain name today:

I slightly regret doing it it, because now that life is back to "normal" it also means I'm unemployed again. Oh well.
Two weird searches have lead people to my site recently which are worth sharing:

"how to graph geraniums"
"is 2 bowls of multigrain cheerios too much?"

Not random at all! I'll post more Spider-Man pictures soon.

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Johnson said...

Nice! I wanna learn how to solve a Rubik's cube one day. Do you think you can apply the same algorithms to solve a 7x7x7? (I saw one when I was in Taiwan... should've bought it!)