Wednesday, March 10, 2010

the Terriblelands update - NEW feed, NEW "host"

Relatively important news (relative to me anyways)!

Do not check anymore!
It is no longer being updated!
It's been moved to

I've been publishing the Terriblelands using Blogger via FTP onto my SFU file space since I've started this site in 2005. Blogger won't be supporting FTP publishing very soon (by the end of this month) because of costs and resources and so while mucking around with my Blogger settings a few days ago, I clicked on something that I can't undo, so now my stuff no longer gets published onto ""

Everything now gets hosted at (or now that I've paid for it,, which will redirect you to the blogspot address anyways). Its actually more convenient this way.

Also, the new RSS feed to subscribe to is:
Please delete the old feed if you used it.

For now, all my old pages (on my SFU file space) will remain up, but I plan to move all that stuff someday anyways, especially all the things categorized under "the Terriblelands Annoying Frame Menu". Expect many broken links in the future.

Please do not panic. Please return to your seats in a calm and orderly manner. That is all.

Saw gas for around 113¢/litre. Hasn't been that high of an average since the past summer.

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