Saturday, March 13, 2010

Spider-Man at the Royal Canadian Mint Pavilion

As seen here:

Spider-Man in line for the Royal Canadian Mint Pavilion (during the Vancouver 2010 Olympics)

Standing in line. The lineup to see and touch the Olympic medals is just ridiculous, and to wait in that line is also potentially ridiculous, depending on your priorities.

Spider-Man holding a loonie ($1) in front of the one million dollar coin  (during the Vancouver 2010 Olympics)

Royal Canadian bling (there's a loonie in his hand).

Spider-Man sending greetings at the Royal Canadian Mint's picture booth (during the Vancouver 2010 Olympics)

In a digital photo booth.

These should be the last Spider-Man pictures in a while. *shrugs*

1 comment:

Johnson said...

I don't think that's real gold

So can Spiderman's hand still rotate freely after gluing it back together?