Monday, June 06, 2011

The Canucks are simply Bieksallent

I love burgers. There is nothing like a succulent, beef patty on a warm, toasted bun, covered and topped with fresh lettuce, tomatoes, melted cheese, special sauces, and just because I'm feeling fancy, some sautéed mushrooms and plenty of crisp bacon slices. It's a combination of delicious flavours and fresh aromas from quality ingredients, that fuse together to make a symphony orchestra of culinary tastes.

The following videos are to your eyes, what a good burger is to my mouth. Mmmmmmm!

Vancouver Canucks - All Goals 2010-11 Season (43:10)

Vancouver Canucks - 2011 Playoffs - Round 1 - All Goals (5:16)

Vancouver Canucks - 2011 Playoffs - Round 2 - All Goals (4:11)

Vancouver Canucks - 2011 Playoffs - Round 3 - All Goals (6:51)

Wow, just pure wow.

What can we learn from those videos? Where should I start?

-keep your stick on the ground and get ready, especially if you're playing with the Sedins
-puck movement frees up the ice and/or gets the goalie to move from side to side
-speedy forwards are luxurious to have
-get pucks on net, even if you don't have a shot
-working from behind the net (à la Gretzky) is almost always effective
-having a crowd in front of the net is great
-having an excellent screen with a quick stick is even better
-big shots from the blue line change the game
-offensive defenceman that know how to pinch are valuable
-winning faceoffs is obviously important
-rebounds.... lots and lots of rebounds (see first point)
-breathtaking goal-tending and HIP CHECKS

I could keep that list going and going, and yes, those are really basic points, but this is why hockey is the ultimate team sport and why the Vancouver Canucks are everything they are this season. And ok, the goal-tending and hip checks weren't featured in those videos, but they do add to the game. Goal-tending is self-explanatory, especially for the games when the team has trouble scoring and hip-checks are just beautiful because not only do they take an opposing player out, it gets the fans involved.

Aaaagh, I'm so horny for hockey now. Haha, yes I said it. Blame Ray Barone. It's a very accurate analogy for sports fans.

This is a very ironic post considering what I talked about last time. Oh well.
Oh yeah, thanks to nic876 for those great compilations and hours of splicing! 8^D

Game 3 in Boston tonight! Yeah!
Saw gas for 130.9¢/litre yesterday.

Note: I believe "Bieksallent" is a Tom Larscheid quote.


Andrea York said...

Love the post AND the recap!

I wrote about how disappointed I am by Vancouver fans when the team isn't winning. My Man just said to me, "I hope fans don't throw their jerseys on the ice if the Canucks don't win tonight," because that's how childish we can be.

Tim said...

oh cool, thanks! but all credit goes to my cousin for making and posting those compilations.

and yeah, our city does have a high rate of bandwagoners. you'd think that with the price of a jersey, people would have the decency to not do something like that, but all we have to do is look back at 1994. silly rabbit. i mean, silly people.