Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Vancouver, behold your Shame opposed to "Vancouver behold your gods"

Optimism was in the air. It was palpable. Game #7 was the first thing that I thought about when I woke up today (huh, I guess, I’m heathen). Virtually everyone I encountered today was in the same mood as I was. Today was the day the Canucks were going to win the Stanley Cup. Tonight and the days following (probably the whole year) were going to be days of celebration because well…the idol was going to be in our possession.

The game started. And then the game ended. I was sad.

What a tough pill to swallow. We lost 4 – 0. All year, hockey analysts and commentators picked the Canucks to be the ones to watch. EA Sports’ NHL 11 video game simulation picked the Canucks to win the President’s Trophy and to win the Stanley Cup in seven games against Boston. Oh, cruel irony.

But life goes on doesn’t it?

Apparently not. All you have to do is google “2011 Vancouver riots.”

After watching the cup presentation, I took a break from watching TV, went out to walk the dog, and when I came back to see what’s happening on the news, downtown Vancouver had descended into madness. The major news outlets showed non-stop pictures and live video feeds of Canadians, acting with childish behaviours. Take a deep breath. Yes, unbelievable as it is, these are our fellow citizens. Canadians setting vehicles on fire. Canadians picking fights with each other for no reason. Canadians smashing shop windows, looting department stores, taunting the police, and just standing around to get a good Facebook photo. Tens of thousands of Canadians, standing around, being apathetic and cheering on the chaos.

I could make some symbolic references on how Gotham City did not turn on each other when they were provoked, but I won’t.

It’s unfortunate to say that the troublemakers are the same people as you and me, but they are a product of our society. Canadian society. Those are my peers. They may have well been my former classmates from school, who knows. There seems to be a general consensus of disgust, disappointment, and humiliation by the childish rioting, but still, one of the most troubling aspects of the whole mess in the streets were the thousands of people, standing around as if it were a free show. Sigh.

Thank you alcohol. Thank you negligent parents. And thank you young, rioting, adrenaline fueled males (mostly) for exposing why Vancouver needs Jesus so much.

It must be a huge bummer to be a Canuck player to look on the news and see your name on the back of a person as they kick in and smash a window.

Tomorrow is a new day, Vancouver.


PakG1 said...

"It must suck to be a Canuck player to look on the news and see your name on the back of a person as they kick in and smash a window."

Too true. :(

Bernice said...

tim can I repost a link to this on my FB? between you and my friend Lillienne you two have summed it up quite well

Tim said...

sure, and you should add a link in the comments of what your friend wrote too.

Bernice said...