Friday, June 10, 2011

Pointless Post #61

There's something magical about cleaning with bleach. There's something magical as your utter disgust turns into instantaneous gratification after wiping something that was once blanketed in dust and unknown muck and then being able to see the pure white surface shine clean again. There's something magical when your cheap spray bottle cracks and your diluted bleach cleaning solution sprays up into your eye. There's no other burning sensation like it. It is a one of a kind feeling.

Also, whole wheat crackers are unsatisfying. I almost miss my childhood days of processed, enriched white flour, and high trans fat snacks were still with me. Killing me slowly with that delicious, delicious gluten.

Note: In case there's ambiguity, I'm fine; I was wiping up something with bleach when I thought, "That would really suck if that happened right now."


Anonymous said...

Your magical post reminded me of the iPad!

Ooh, ok, yeah - I suspected that you were just imagining when you described your eye injury :P Thanks for the note.

P.S. I love whole wheat/grain stuff! I grew up eating such stuff, that's why :P

Tim said...

ipad huh? hahha...hmmm, can something that doesn't support flash be magical? still, i wouldn't mind having one. :-p

and i guess its no wonder you're so healthy and smart. there are days when i miss white bread though....sigh. hahaha!

Bernice said...

I laughed