Sunday, April 01, 2012

Teaching English in Korea

Did you know online TOEFL courses are remarkably easy? In other Tim-news (insert drum roll here) I'm going to Korea to teach English to school children at the end of August! It's a 12-month contract, based on a referral from my cousin who used to work at that same school in Jinhae. It's a "sleepy" little town compared to Seoul, so I should be able to bike everywhere I go, because that's what she did when she was there. Just the thought of commuting by bike excites me, let alone living and working in another country. Hopefully I'll be able to do some travelling and perhaps visit some friends during my stay (and maybe relatives in nearby countries?).

The Canucks better win the Cup this year otherwise I'll be forced to order NHL Game Centre Live, but on the bright side, Korea has the best and fastest internet speeds in the world, right? RIGHT?!?!


Paulman said...

WHAT?! Whoa........

I hope this ends up being an amazing milestone for you!

Wait, wait... Shoot, 1:47 AM timestamp. Never mind.

Good one. You got me, lol. I realized it mid-comment (it's 7PM right now to technically I was supposed to be safe after 12 noon, right?)

Tim said...

i'm glad you found your socks