Saturday, April 28, 2012

Pointless Post #75

Just completed my first ever wedding doubleheader*! I attended a wedding at 10am and then another at 1pm.  Both were beautiful.

I feel like I accomplished something great, mostly because I'm super tired right now, but all I really did was not get lost on the way to the churches, show up on time, pretend to be happy**, and eat all their food.

Oh and to top off an eventful day, I saw a skunk in front of the YWCA on Beatty Street in downtown Vancouver.  It made me reminisce of the time I saw a raccoon by the Vancouver Convention Centre near the downtown waterfront during the Olympics.

Freshpie out!
There's chocolate candy in there!

*Note to self: I wikipedia'd the word "doubleheader" and I already know I've used it incorrectly. 
**Note to readers: that was sarcasm; I really was happy.  Did I mention that both the weddings AND couples were beautiful?

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