Sunday, April 22, 2012

October is a Long Time from Now

Watched the Canucks get knocked out of the playoffs tonight.
Drank a glass of red wine from my Spider-Man cup.
Watched the last two episodes of this season's The Walking Dead that I've been neglecting.
Binge-ate a whole box of vegetable crackers.

Tomorrow is a new day.
And until then, go Whitecaps!
...and Chelsea in EUFA 8^D

EDIT, April 24, 2012: Chelsea beat Barcelona to advance to the EUFA Champions League Final in Munich thanks to the first away goal by Ramires, but since I might not have many other chances in the future..... FERNANDO TORRES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Gas was 138.8¢/litre today.  I still hate you, gas companies.


Anonymous said...

It's called a glass, not a cup... Geez!!

Tim said...

tomato, tomato