Monday, September 26, 2005

don't see these people everyday

here's something you don't see everyday (or at least i don't).
from left to right: Mark Washington #23 of the BC Lions, Barrin Simpson #51 of the BC Lions, Pastor David Forrest of GT, and Laura Lynn Tyler of the former NOWTV.

(photo by me, (Tim), sunday september 25, 2005, Glad Tidings Church)

its not bad a picture i think.
hmmmm speaking of nowtv......they've been gone what, since labour day? replaced by omni 10?!?!? gahhh!!!!! for well over a year, i could depend that if i needed to, from 7pm mon-sat, i could switch on the tv and get my gone..........
i guess it will only be in my memories.....and here.

btw, if you're having a bad day and not feeling well, watch the news and you'll see thats somewhere there's someone off worse than you. its a cruel world. collectively speaking, we need all the help we can get, in more ways then one.

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