Friday, September 30, 2005

rain, random, and (re)search

At SFU, the rain was beautiful yesterday (as well as the mist. so peaceful). In between classes, instead of plunking myself in a study carrel I went up towards the AQ gardens and I sat on the steps (under some covering of course) and watched the rain fall (and then I read my textbook a bit…I didn’t waste all of my time…). When there’s heavy rain, and its falling fast, the AQ pond just looks so nice….ripples everywhere. I like rain. I like fall. Or autumn. Whatever its called. Leaves change colour beautifully. And all the bugs start do die. wahahahahah…….die all you bugs!

On a less morbid note, it’s now time for a random thought. After reading a label on a piece of fruit regarding the nutritional value, since I read that it has 0% fat, 0% protein, 0% carbs, etc….I conclude that:

Man cannot live on pineapple alone.

Hey, it’s the truth. Think about it. It tastes good, but you wouldn’t last long with all the acidity.
One other quick thing – 3 cheers for me! the Terriblelands has been indexed on!!!! Try it! If you just type in: “the Terriblelands” in the google search engine, my site will pop up! hehehe lame I know.

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