Thursday, September 15, 2005

bad and the good in this city

wow, just watching the news this evening was pretty sickening, with the whole home-operated drug lab bust in richmond (and the other ones in vancouver and everywhere else...). millions of ecstasy pills seized, and the millions in street value. the love of money makes people do wicked things. there's a general concensus growing up as kids (and now) that drugs are bad and we should stay away from them and blagh blahg blagh. yet young teenagers everywhere are going out to find "fun" things to do and the next thing you know it, boom drug addiction (or in the rare case death). yeah, i know it's not all youth who are doing it, but it just bothesr me. makes me wince inside, because if younger people are getting into these problems, what if it was me?

on a brighter note, something good is happening in this city saturday, september 17, 2005. about 1 day left. its the Free 4 All at Glad Tidings Church and Broadway Church in Vancouver. over $100,000 in toys and groceries are being given away for FREE to families in need. and it's not going to be one dinky little brown paper bag. it's multiple full shopping bags filled with food and other stuff that will be helpful. it is going to be mom told me that the church stage looks like a toy store filled with the goods that are going to be given away since she and my dad went there tonight to help start bagging stuff i ithink. wow......sooooo tommorow will be a busy day in regard to that with a prayer/preparation rally in the evening, as well as the campus crusade for Christ welcome back bbq thing in the AQ gardens at the old SF of U.
hmmm.....11 weeks of school left. shall i continue to ramble nonsensically about random things that are intertwined with the happenings of my life or do you want me to sock a few dingers?
Dingers! Dingers! (AABF22)

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