Friday, September 16, 2005

ideas before le grauit pour tout

i don't know why...i have a weird habit of throwing in bad grammared/mispelled french into my own notes and that's why the title looks funny...meh

(continuation from the previous post)
so i got to church. ran around trying to find what im' supposed to do and what work team i'm to be on. i thought i'd be doing the projector/ppt thing. turns out just 2 songs are going to be done tommorow and it should work out. found out i'll be getting to play with a little machine that resembles a palm pilot except the differences are......hmm.....let me explain first what the Free 4 All is first.

so....i think it was last week faimiles around the vancouver area were sent a post card type thing in the mail with a unique bar code on it and info inviting them to a church (eitther Broadway or GT) for sep 17, 2005 to get free food and toys for their family. then they go to the church and line up to get inside (i've heard about 750 families so far? with 800 kids total? i'm not sure about those numbers) and then they get to go inside and get their free stuff. no catch. how can there be no catch? it's from God. o wait there is a catch. you have to have the card to get in to get the free stuff. its from God but the process its given is through humans, hence the card with the code. but hey like i said before, not dinky stuff either. top quality stuff. 4 bags of groceries per famillie and 5 toys per kid (i think...i'll confirm these details later).

ok that's the basics. anyways what i learned tonight is that i think i get to play with a little machine that resembles a palm pilot except it has a bar code scanner on it and when i scan the family's post card thing, it sends the info down to a database server whatever thing in phoenix? and then tells me that they're now registered and can go in. its a very orderly process to insure that the families can get their stuff and people can't forge their own cards or go through to get things twice. and that little computer thing is worth maybe 100000 pennies...about the size of a deck of cards. the technology!

all this info is pending....i'm not guaranteeing its all correct, hence the question marks. i'm still not sure what will happen exactly tommorow since i got to church late. but this is what i think is happening so far. neato.
i think this'll be covered by the local news stations...maybe. o well. if not i will and i'll post some pcitures.

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