Thursday, September 22, 2005

sick do strange

sssiiiiigh.........i haven't been feeling too good since tuesday (sep 20) and nows its thursday, 2 days later, and i'm still not feeling good. but i've improved mucho so i'm grateful for that.

sickeness can make me feel and do things weird.
1. yestereday, it was my nose that was stuffed. today, it was my ear(s) that was stuffed. i had to try to pop it constantly to get rid of that air pressure or whatever in every single lecture/class/now.

2. for some reason on the bus to school today, my throat was reaaaly dry and it was being tickled i guess from my breathing. it was really bothersome and i was struggling because i didn't want to all of a sudden blow up and start have a coughing fit (the bus was packed) so i was struggling to keep my mouth closed and i got tears in my eyes because of that. and a tear ran down my cheek and i was sniffling cause of my runny nose, i think other passengers must have thought, " o dear, this strange chinese kid is crying on the bus"..... i didn't bother to look up to see if anyone was looking at me. stupid nose.

3. because i'm not feeling too well, i had the strange urge to find something warm and mushy to eat for breakfast. and i had oatmeal. i know, shocking. howver, it was very tasty (although it looked you say "disgusting") after putting in the sugar. what a great word. oatmeal. its not really a meal though. it should be called oatmush..aren't i clever?

so thats it, three weird things that sick do strange to me.....for now.
i updated a new picture in the "meh" section, click here to see it.

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