Monday, September 12, 2005

stupid stupidnes...sigh.

i didn't think i'd post anything today, thinking that i would have a boring monday. silly me. woke up around 7:30ish. left home around 8:20ish. got to sfu around 9ish, thinking my class started at 9:30ish. me and another girl thought we were in the right class til someone else came in and said that was her tutorial room and so checking on computers/offices for schedules ensued and in the end, me and my classmate were wrong.

so now i'm in the wmc comp lab on the second floor, waiting for 10:30ish. i stupidly thought my class started an hour earlier. wasn't able to think straight the night before (as well as this morning) and now i lost an hour of sleep. strangely i'm not too angry. maybe its because i'm not fully awake yet. but then how could i be typing this stupid entry if i wasn't full awake? so i guess i am fully awake. and maybe i'm not angry. i could defenityle work on my patience. so maybe this is God's test, to see how i will respond in this situation. i should be thankful i am extra early for class, and that i got to school safely. and on the bright side, i can catch up on my reading. (yup, first week and already behind in reading. the procrastinators right on schedule).............i still think school is stupid though.......(government scams.......grrrrr......)


Anonymous said...

Hi Tim, I'm just checking your site out. I found you on The Buzz website. Welcome to the world of blogging!

Tim said...

thankee for the warm welcome! enjoy the randomness of my thoughts and such. it's a small world.