Friday, September 16, 2005

a transit story

amazing day. a beezy day looooh. had my lecon de conduisant (i know i know), ate lunch, rushed to sfu, got there around 2:30. helped set up for le welcome back de bbq, met old/new people, won a book (The Darknes and the Dawn by Charles Swindoll....can't wait to read it), and then jetted out of there around 5:15 cause i had to come home and then head out to GT for the prayer/prep rally.
that didn't happen.

missed the first bus by a few seconds at the sfu bus loop and then the bus pole schedule said the next one would be in 10 minutes. it didn't come until about 25 min later or so. missed the 6:05 #28 bus at kooteany loop by maybe 10 seconsd again. waited 15 min for the next one to show. got to phibbs, had to wait for the next 232 bus at 6:45ish. my parents were planning to leave the house by 7 so i called them and they'd already left. so i figured.....hmmmm maybe i'll bus it to church and then i'll miss just part of it only. so i got off around lonsdale/18th? or somewhere there. had to wait until 7:30ish for the next bus to the quay. had to wait for 26 minutes for the next seabus when i got there. ran onto the skytrain. got off at mainstreet/science world. waited until 8:45 for the #8 to fraser and 18th. finally got to church around 9pm-ish. oy. translink not too reliable hmmm but i should be grateful for the upass....sigh.

some strange things that i don't see everyday that i saw today whilst travelling:
- a boy on the bus chewing on the end of his umbrelal handle
- a filipino guy with a guitar case who strangely looked like jerome fontamillas (switchfoot in town?)
- 4 hells angels riding in "formation" and setting a parked car's alarm off on the side of the street
- red ink written on a skytrain pillar "bury the drug dealers before the bury us"
- part of the skytrain tunnel (eg. between the water front - stadium station) is nearly a pefect circle (tube-like). never noticed that before

one last thing. when you go to a ccc event, usually ignite, you get a name tag. i didn't realize mine was still on me until i think all the bus drivers i encountered knew my name today.....sigh......
o yeah, i've estimated maybe just less than 50 km in about just less than 4 hours of transit/waiting....
bah-- other people have it worse than me. thank You God for my safety.

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