Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Almost end of week ==> rant

Yup, almost the end of the week (for me). w00teroonee.
And almost time to officially honour all the veterans of le Canada for their hard work and service of making this land better for people like me. Now and then I play around with the thought, should I join the army? Quit school now? This is such a lovely thought whenever I'm cramming...but on the other hand, it could be true...I think I read it in the 24 Hours that Canada might consider a National Service type thing because of low recruit counts. I'm not sure. Somebody please correct me.
Sigh. Nice to see the North Shore mountains all snowcapped and white. Even nicer to see the Cut on Grouse Mountain covered in snow....alas, I have not set foot on it nearly 3 (or is it 4?) years now...stupid school.
Btw, drawing connections from snow, I saw a few Christmas commercials on TV. Actually, they were "holiday" commercials, no mention of Christmas at all because some fruitcakes in an office somewhere thought it'd be safer to be politically correct.

Well you know what?! They're messed in the head!!! I wasn't born into a politically correct world and if things stay as they are now, there never will be since there's always injustice and some nutjob who's feelings will be hurt over nothing!! Bah humbug!!!!!

Hmmm...that came from nowhere didn't it. Sometimes when small things that are not causing problems for anyone get pushed into the spotlight so that 2 or 3 people can fuss over it and make the whole world take notice for no reason at all, just make me really peeved.
Why do some people care?
Why do some people not care?
Why do some people want to know the truth?
Why do some people say they are content in not finding the truth?

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