Thursday, November 03, 2005

Ramblings: Sore*, Rain, Bus, Notes to self.

I’m so out of shape. I was still sore* yesterday…had trouble going up and down stairs cause the muscles in my thighs were so stiff (is that the proper medical term?) and sore*. My goodness they were sore*. They’re not sore* today. However other parts of me are, such as my upper shoulder area and the left side of my stomach…maybe I stretched in a funny when I tried to pokecheck someone? Meh.

I may look fit, but ho ho hoooo…

Rain has been nice the past few days. Except for when I get soaking wet.
Buses have been jam packed lately because of the rain (not too sure what the correlation there is though). I hate getting on a full bus and having people push up against you as more try to squeeze through the door at the last minute. I need my personal space! I feel so…so violated! And wronged! I am a Canadian citizen! No foreign backpack should have the right to caress my buttocks as I use the public transportation system!

[collapses in a state of heaving, sobs and tears]

Erm, yeah I’m not that melodramatic (oooh fancy word) . Must stop sleeping in class. Must start to pay attention in class. Must start homework before night it is due. Must stop relying on own strength. Must remember to utilize topic and concluding sentence correctly. Must is a funny word.
Gas (hehehe....gas…hahaha I’m immature) has been been at at 93.9¢ / litre the past few days. Click here for more on gas prices.

"good grief Tim, you're so boring!"
"I'm not impressed!"
*edited soar to sore Nov 9, 2005...can't spell....lousy english....

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