Saturday, November 26, 2005

Two year old, toothbrushes, and torching

(thats called alliteration)

Know what's cute? Talking to a two year old girl.
Know what's cuter? Talking to a two year old girl who knows how to make an evil laugh, (ie. "HA Haaaa!!" [triumphant sounding]).

Know what's crazy? Having a computer on a toothbrush (ie. the Oral B Triumph or whatever). I know it's supposed to be the "technology age" now but this seems like too much. Who was the genius who came up with electric toothbrushes (one might think the plural form would be teethbrushes, meh) anyways? I mean think about. It's a plastic scrubbing device with an electrical charge that you put in your mouth. Didn't we all learn in school water conducts electricity? No fatalities as of yet I hope.

Know what's fun? Burning old bank statements. HA Haaaa!! Take that garbage looters and identity thieves!

"Burn baby burn! Disco Infernoooo...." I'm not crazy....

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