Saturday, November 19, 2005

I visited Grouse Mountain / gas

If I remember correctly, the last time I went was in 2002, but I went on Thursday because there was free admission. And it was packed. Apparently thousands of other people found out it was free today too. There was a huge line winding outside the Guest Services office and Skyride terminal so I waited for around 40 minutes before boarding the Blue Skyride gondola, (apparently the red one had a broken breaker and was stalled for awhile?).

Finally at the top of le mountain (here's the map), since it was so packed, I decided to skip the Cut, assuming there’d be a huge line, and made my way towards Expo. I fell a bunch of times. It’s been a while….
The line for that chairlift there was huge too! Though probably less than the Cut’s. Waited in that for 25 minutes or so. There were lots of rowdy obnoxious sick individuals (mainly youth) throwing snowballs at everyone. The back of the line would throw snowballs at the front of the line and vice versa. People in between were getting angry. It stopped after staff intervened. Sigh. Stupidnes.

Made it to the Peak. It was clear and the lights from Vancouver and the rest of the Lower Mainland were so beautiful. Sooooo beautiful. My lousy pictures don’t do justice to it at all. You could see so far…and the lights glittered. I stayed up there for a long time, just staring, thinking, taking pictures….
After I slid/fell my way to the bottom, I decided my time was worth more than to just waste it by waiting in lines, so I decided to head home.

Despite having only two runs, it wasn’t too bad a day.

This is the engine room (I think) for the Blue Skyride gondola. Those yellow wheel things were huge and the cables that they pulled were so thick. It'd be neat to tour that room and see how it operates.

Here's a view from the top of the Cut. See the city lights? It was a lot prettier there than in the piccie.

Here's a blurry view from at the top of the Peak (not the newspaper). If you cross your eyes, it looks normal.

 Cross your eyes again.

And here's the only decent looking picture of the night, with some city and the Grouse chalet in the background. Note how the surrounding trees have no snow on them hmm?

I saw 92.5¢ / litre on Friday at the pumps. It’s been hovering around the 93¢ mark or slightly above since I last noted.


Bernice said...

That's amusing that crossing your eyes makes blurry pictures clear.. weird...

Tim said...

did you try it?