Sunday, November 06, 2005

Study/fail math proof joke

This is fun to think about, considering I have two midterms this week and another next week.
Q: Prove that you will fail anyways, even if you study hard.
A: Assume that I can pass if I work hard and I’ll fail if and only if I don’t study.

Study = no fail
No study = fail
Study + no study = fail + no fail
Study (1+no) = fail (1+no)
Study = fail

Isn't math fun kids?


Anonymous said...

Ha! That's pretty clever.

Bernice said...

Sounds just like the IB Calc class... 7:15am can do weird things to you. Well, not me =) because I'm not in that class! Ha! I laugh in my friends' faces. Oh.. and a believe you're still spelling it "soar" not "sore"... unless the muscles in your thighs have soared to a high level of pain? ;)

Tim said...

it is clever. hopefully its not true....
speaking of cleverness, i finally learned to spell "sore" correctly! hurrah for me and my slow learning!

Anonymous said...

such a mathematically not correct joke!
I wrote an article on this just to tell people how wrong this joke is, mathematically.