Monday, October 31, 2005

So sore*…and more random junk

Uggg… back from church….
Played hockey…..
So sore*…..(even a muscle in my butt is sore*….I didn’t know I even used that one for sports…)
Ooooggg….it was fun though…
Should sleep well tonight….......zzzzzzz

Remember that Canucks game I talked about over
here? Bah, it doesn't matter if you do.

Well, if you’ve been to GM place, you’d know what 50/50 tickets are.
For those who don’t, they’re just an in-house lottery type thing that they sell during the night’s event to rake in mucho revenue and give some to a charity or whatever they say they're going to do with it.
And apparently that night, two well known commentators, (Tom Larscheid and John Shorthouse), who can always be heard on CKNW 980 (on the AM dial when there’s a Canucks game), won that lottery.
It’s quite amusing. (Right click => Save Target As… => Desktop => Save)

*edited soar to sore Nov 9, 2005...can't spell....lousy english....

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eD said...

wasup Tim.
funny site! !hahaha
get me more folding shirt thing!