Monday, October 17, 2005

Gas prices et la procrastination

On my way to church yesterday, it was interesting to see gas prices were “down” to about 103.4 ¢/litre. And this afternoon I saw most gas stations were around that same price (or lower). It’d been above 108¢ for what over a week and a half? or longer than that? I know that going back to early September it was above 118¢, in mid-August 110¢ and waaaaay back in April, 105¢/litre. Yeah….I actually kept track of these things. Why? I don’t know…it’s just interesting, gauging the economy and blah blah blah…I have no idea what I’m talking about.

Wait, something I do know…in February of this year, the CDN dollar was worth around 83¢ American. Last week it was over 85¢. And now, it’s around 84¢. Heaps better than where it was in 2001. And staying semi-strong.

Why I am talking about gas prices and exchange rates? My title says it all. C’est la procrastination. I have a PHIL test in less than 24 hours. I should start to study….but hmmmm……you know what? I find that whenever I make a blog entry, it’s really hard to think up a title. That’s why you’ll notice most of them are dumb.

Ok I should study. Seriously. Is the word spelled “ok,” “O.K.” or “Okay?”
In other news, I bowled a 148 game with 2 strikes in the tenth frame and other strikes/happenings throughout. A new Personal-Tim-Record!!!

Gaaaaahhhhhhh fine. I’ll go study.

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