Thursday, October 06, 2005

General news (aka blah blah) and Site Update (Squirrel Fishing)

Whew…I meant to post some stuff the past couple days, but I was really busy with school. And I weighed it out in my head….should I study? Or procrastinate by posting a post? And I thought, hmmmm I’m not being a very good steward of my time….so decided not to procrastinate. And I studied instead. Maybe I’m changing and becoming a better person with better habits……(hah).

Ok in the news: - in case you’ve been under a rock for the past year, les Canuckleheads played their season opener against the Phoenix-coached team by Mr. Wayne Gretzky and won.
- its possible (I guess for some quite time now…I’m still new to the cell phone world) to subscribe and receive text messaged Bible verses on your cell phone
- and BC teachers are planning to go on strike. booo unions. boo money. boo government. boo world.

I had two midterms yesterday. Thank God its over and I was given the strength to study/complete them. Now I’ll just pray that I did well….8^D…..9 weeks of school left…..
Be warned, taking a shower doesn’t always have good outcomes. Somehow I got soap in my mouth today, and I may have swallowed it. And I got water in my ear which clogged it up for a while. I’m tired.

Regarding to the site, the other SQUIRREL FISHING VIDEOS are up and are here. And I updated the gigantism links page which now includes: zerodollarhomepage, beedogs, yousendit, and the lovely catsinsinks.

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