Thursday, October 20, 2005

Canucks on TV and random

Wow, I sure have missed Jim Hughson’s voice. And what a great game with the Phoenix Coyotes. I know it’s shocking, but tonight has been the first game I’ve seen start-to-finish this season. All the games before were either on TV channels we didn’t get or I was busy working. Mmmm…hockey….

Anyone notice Wayne Gretzky’s teeth lately? They’re pretty white. I wonder if he uses those whitening strips…but that’s not the point. The point is, has anyone ever seen Gretzky mad and yelling?!?!?!? It’s amazing (compared to him in the 1998 Nagano Olympics [i think]). I guess that makes him a real coach. Minus the profanities being yelled at 90 db at the ref (I don’t think Gretzky swears…he has kids…). Still a legend. I wonder if someday he’ll be hosting Coach’s Corner on CBC….hmmm…..i can't seem to picture him wearing a funky plaid three-piece suit....

btw, just for fun, I saw gas at 99.9¢ / litre today…

Oh yeah, one more thing, about the Translink strike (“relating” to the teacher’s strike). Apparently now they’re not officially going on strike, but some workers might be walking off the job anyways, so some bus routes will probably be down. This is going to force all people to either check the Translink website or watch/listen to the news to figure out if they can get to their destination. Gaaaaah. Isn’t selfishness just a great way to affect as many people as you can around you in the most negative way possible? Lovely. But it’s not right for me to pick on Translink and strikers. It’s everyone. Including me. I’m sorry. I’m sorry for everyone being idiots to everyone. There, I just made the world better.

(its hard to tell, but there’s lots of sarcasm in the above paragraph)

(ACTUAL TIME OF POSTING: 11:22 am, Friday October 21, 2005....I meant to post this yesterday, but blogger wasn't working and i gave up and went to sleep and posted it now instead of yesterday. so there.)

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