Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Stupid strikes and general ranting

I watched a bit of the news this evening and it’s irritating. I don’t know the whole story of why teachers are striking (something about money), but I do know that it’s not helping anyone. And now some big brained idiot(s) gets the great idea that other people in the workforce should strike / join picket lines in “support” of teachers and now there’s going to be a Translink strike on Friday (2 days from now) too. Just wonderful.

How does this help teachers? The people in charge of these activities always say on the news something like, “This is not an attack on the public / children, we just want to show the government / department heads / leaders blah blah blah....” But in the end who does it affect? How does a bunch of people sitting / standing / walking outside a school in the rain and wearing cardboard signs “make a difference” (and why is there such a thing as strike-pay?!!?!)?

If people want reform and are targeting governments (or other decision making bodies) they shouldn’t be causing trouble in public places and having meaningless rallies / strikes. Instead you go to the homes of where the government people live and set up camp in their front yard. You find out their phone number / fax number / cell number / neighbour’s number / e-mail and spam them into submission. But this should also be done in a legal manner. Although, my idea doesn’t legal. More like stalking. Well fine then maybe a little vendetta would help quicken the negotiations.

Sigh. Most of what I said is probably useless / not helpful / not do-able. It’s just that when you see bad things happening on the news and then you see it around you when you step outside your house, its frustrating and makes you wonder why these inconvenient and impractical things keep happening. Another sigh.

Advice for the Day:

It’s probably best not to take out Vitamin C pills from a small plastic bag and pop them in your mouth when you’re on the bus or in any public place. And probably not good to do it in east Vancouver as well. Especially when your Vitmain C in a baggie looks like this:

It’s amazing how it kinda looks like an illegal narcotic.
“psst, is that funny lookin’ Chinese kid doing drugs? on the bus?!?!”
“wow he sure is funny looking”

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Bernice said...

Hey Tim, not sure if you remember me.. but I went to BCCA with you. I saw your weblink on Jesslyn's blog so I clicked on it to see who it was. You probably know now, but translink isn't going on strike on Friday.. it's the only service that isn't. The unions agreed that if transit goes on strike, they won't get public support. They'll get public hate.. so.. it'll be open.. but nothing else...