Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Lotto fever, bleak world, more gas, and happy corn

I meant to post this yesterday, but as I mentioned here, I decided to study instead. But I figure it’s still worth talking about it now. Yesterday, the Lotto 649 jackpot was estimated at $40 million, (Canada’s biggest ever) but ended up $54 million or something like that. And because yesterday was the draw, people were buying tickets like crazy and the news, specifically BCTV News on Global, decided that it was newsworthy enough to have approximately 17 minutes out of one hour (in my head I'm thinking "!!!!!!!!!!") to just talk about the lottery and promote how great it would be to win that poopin thing.
Almost every single person that was interviewed would have a dumb grin on their face saying that they held the winning ticket and that they would do this and this and buy this and that and etc etc etc…
Meanwhile, other people around the world thought it would be wiser to discuss solutions and plans in case an avian flu pandemic would break out amongst us vulnerable humans which according to the experts would kill [drum roll] - a lot of us. Which is more important…seeing people talk about pointless gambling? Or being warned that a certain fraction of the world’s population is going to drop dead in a matter of months? Hmmmmmm….lets think about that for uno momente...

I saw 95.5¢ / litre yesterday. I also saw 94.9¢ / litre today. Compared to last week.
And finally, a random photo update, which I will eventually put under Random Junk => attachments (aka random photos)

Happy Corn!!!! (thankee to mister NIC 10/100, but actually isn’t – ignore that private joke)


Bernice said...

Happy Corn??? Who would have the time to put happy faces on corn?? Cute though =D

Tim said...

yup, happy corn. welcome to da clazy wolld!! (r's as l's)