Friday, October 21, 2005

I'm Roadworthy

To World (and it's inferior inhabitants):

I have my Class Seven Drivers License (the "N").
I now have been given the legal authority to commandeer two-ton masses of steel (on wheels) that are capable of imposing massive force at my every wish.

Rejoice with me,
or, fear me.
[shakes angry fist]


[blows kisses, gives the Queen E wave]

You know what? The only reason I passed was because I got a nice, reasonable examiner and God directed my hands, eyes and feet while driving. All glory is His. Without His help, I'd still be a piece of flesh, forced to walk or taking Translink (U-pass-ing all over the city). Apparently I got mucho demerits though, but they can kiss my tailpipe.

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