Monday, October 24, 2005

Current gas again....and I need to be more thankful

I saw on Saturday, Sunday, and today, gas for about 96.3 (varies) ¢/litre. How unfascinating!
Well, start of week 8 of the semester. So tired. Sigh. Busy. Soreness. Work. Sigh. Humongo-mania extra uber-licious crazy-tastic econ 105 midterm to cram for (which means I'll probably try to be diligent and not post until the end of the week). Sigh. Hair too long. Watch strap broke. Sigh.

Siiiigh. All my issues and weird thoughts listed above are meaningless.

The last time I heard, there were over 80,000 estimated dead because of the earthquake (happened Saturday, October 8, 2005) in the Pakistan-India region. Most people there are struggling to find ways to get clean food / water, take care of their injured / sick family members or friends, and need adequate shelter before winter comes. And most of their homes and stuff is gone.

Closer to home, Hurricane Wilma just went through the southern part of the US of A and flooded a ton of places in the Florida area and strong winds destroyed lots of buildings (including homes). Water damage as far as the eye can see.

Compared to these people, wow, have I got it good. Life seems a lot better for awhile when you take the time to count your blessings, despite the fact you'll take it for granted the next day. Siiiiiiiigh. A purpose for every single thing that happens.....

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Anonymous said...

what? you blog? get out. my watch battery died the other day. it's all good; i have a new battery now.