Saturday, October 29, 2005

Site Meter Fun and more random pics

I use Site Meter to track the hits to the Terriblelands (isn't that a fun word? all together now class, "the Terriblelands"). Anyways, someone in Ljubljana, Beltinci, Slovenia googled a funky word and they found my site, because my site was ranked number one according to that word.

Try it yourself. Go to
Google, and type in "stupidnes"

See? I'm ranked number one. My site is the most important thing related to "stupidnes" according to Google. Fascinating.
funny picture of Mr. Wayne Gretzky. This was during the game that I was talking about over
here, and he was upset that the referee allowed a goal that was pretty iffy. (Ain't his teeth white?)

and here is some sort of networking job at a convention/expo whatever thingy place.
All that CAT5 (i think) cable.....its so beautiful yet so disturbing at the same time.....I think you'll only understand this if you've played around with network cables before.

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Bernice said...

heh.. I had to try it =) nice! ;)