Thursday, October 13, 2005

School est un drag

Its weird. Last night, (Wednesday night) I was all pumped and ready to start Thursday, because I don’t have classes on Friday. I was thinking how great it’d be because it would go fast and I wouldn’t need to do much.

And then this morning I got to phil class.
And my body took notes while my mind stopped functioning.
And I didn’t understand what was being taught.
And then I had to prepare for the Bible study later in the day.
And then I went to my econ tutorial…..had no clue what was happening when trying to answer questions.

And then I went to Bible study.
And then I had to go to the 2 hour econ lecture.
And I zoned out.
And I told myself to stay awake and take good notes.
And I fell asleep.
A few times.

And then when class ended I was kinda happy, but kinda in a daze…..because I was thinking – school is sooo hard and difficult.
And then I thought (perhaps this is a revelation)– maybe it wouldn’t be so hard and difficult if I actually paid attention.
Sigh. End of week 6 only?!?!?!.......siiiiiiiiiiiiiigh…………snooooooooooore……….

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